Looking for an office building or other type of filming location? Look no further! See our featured properties below


Featured Property: Plaza Las Fuentes

The Location Portal is pleased to bring to you the film-friendly Plaza Las Fuentes, an 8-story office building located in the heart of Pasadena. Features an elegant lobby with floor-to-ceiling windows; Moorish-influenced landscaped courtyards; pedestrian arcades and terraced gardens; pools, water channels and waterfalls; underground parking; base camp adjacent. Click on photos for more details about this property.


Featured Property: VACANT Former J Lounge Restaurant

Welcome to the VACANT former J Lounge Restaurant located in Downtown Los Angeles. Features outdoor front patio facing Olive Street; outdoor rear patio with fireplace, large lounge area and bar; spacious indoor seating areas with hardwood floors and bar; large full-service kitchen and more. Click on photos for more details about this property.




Featured Property: 3000 Robertson

3000 Robertson is a film-friendly 4-story commercial office building in Los Angeles. Features a landscaped courtyard and walkways; vacant offices with cubicles; adjacent parking structure with rooftop views. Click on photos for more details about this property.



Featured Property: Church of the Chimes

We are proud to present Church of the Chimes, a 600-seat church, 125-seat chapel, school and administrative residence located in Sherman Oaks. Features classrooms, auditorium and kitchen; administrative residence with dressed offices and living room; church and chapel; ample surface lot for base camp or crew parking and more. Click on photos for more details about this property.

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